SmartyList: US ZIP Code List Output Fields

All output fields correspond to the ZIP Code API Fields, but are arranged in a more useful order by the SmartyList Web Interface and the SmartyList Command-Line Interface.

Field NameDefinition
Inputs FieldsAll fields from the corresponding input line.
(Blank Field)This field intentionally left blank. No, really, it's just blank.
[sequence]Incrementing sequence number which refers to the input record number.
[summary]Value will be "match" unless the input was invalid. In that case, the values will corresponds to the values presented in the status field.
[reason]Corresponds to the reason field. (see table below example response).
[city]The name of the city
[default_city]A boolean value indicating whether or not the city name is the default name for the corresponding ZIP Code:
  • true — The city is the default name for the corresponding ZIP Code.
  • [blank] — The city is not the default name for the corresponding ZIP Code.
[state]The state name
[state_abbreviation]The official, two-letter state abbreviation
[zipcode]The 5-digit ZIP Code
[zipcode_type]The type of ZIP Code. Possible values:
  • S - Standard (regular ZIP Code)
  • M - Military (APO/FPO military ZIP)
  • P - P.O. Box (serves only post-office boxes)
  • U - Unique (belongs primarily to a firm)
[county_name]The name of the county
[county_fips]The county FIPS code
[latitude]The approximate latitude geo-coordinate
[longitude]The approximate longitude geo-coordinate
[precision]The precision of the latitude/longitude geo-coordinate
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