USA Plans

Bulk rate discounts for high-volume users.

6,000 lookups $200/yr.
3.3¢ per lookup
2 months free!
12,000 lookups $300/yr.
2.5¢ per lookup
2 months free!
60,000 lookups $460/yr.
.76¢ per lookup
2 months free!
120,000 lookups $760/yr.
0.63¢ per lookup
2 months free!
300,000 lookups $1,500/yr.
.5¢ per lookup
2 months free!
600,000 lookups $2,600/yr.
0.4¢ per lookup
2 months free!
1,200,000 lookups $4,000/yr.
0.3¢ per lookup
2 months free!
UNLIMITED lookups $10,000/yr.
All you can eat

Ummm... Question?

How does a subscription work?

A monthly subscription of 1,000 lookups is good for either 1,000 lookups or for one month, whichever comes first. A subscription runs for either the number of lookups or for the period of time specified. More »

How about a one-time purchase?

Easy! After your purchase, select "Off" from the Auto-Renew Plan's dropdown list on the subscription page.

And when it runs out...?

It renews at the same level as your current plan unless you have specified another plan or have turned the renewal off. Need to change plans? Change it on the subscription page.

Special Offerings


Our awesome service is no longer limited to US addresses
International addresses »

Private Label

Use our APIs to provide any of our US address services to your customers.
Private Label licensing »


Our infrastructure scales, as do our offerings for enterprise customers. (Custom terms available.)
Enterprise options »


We donate a year of free US service to qualifying startups to help them get going.
Startup offering »

Get 250 free US address lookups every month, just for signing up.

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