Private Label Pricing

Plan Name Annual cost Lookups included Additional usage (billed monthly)
Starter $1,000 250,000 0.4¢ per lookup
Pro $5,000 5,000,000 0.1¢ per lookup

(US addresses only)

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What's a "private labeler" defined to be?

A private labeler is an individual, organization, or company that provides any of our services to others, whether for free or for profit.

For example, a website that provides address verification or lookups, autocomplete, extraction, or anything else powered by SmartyStreets for others to use is considered to be a private labeling entity. However, an online store that uses SmartyStreets for their own customer data is not necessarily private labeling.

Can I resell my private label plan?

You mean like sub-leasing? No, that's not allowed. If any of your users want to private-label (resell) your service, they need to come to us directly.

How does billing work?

With your annual payment, you're granted a certain number of lookups that come bundled with your plan. After those lookups are depleted, you're billed monthly based on usage (a flat rate per lookup). Any lookups not used within 12 months drop off and are lost.

Why would I need a private label plan?

Private Label plans are subject to the private label license agreement, which permits you to give away, resell, and mark up our service as your own. Doing this without being on a private label plan violates our standard Terms of Service and would lead to termination of your account. Private Label pricing brings the cost down for you, too, since we bill you based on usage rather than over a time period.

Do you have a private label offering for international address validation?

You bet. The pricing outlined on this page pertains to US addresses only. Pricing for international lookups performed as part of the private label offering are done at the regular rate for international lookups.

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