US Rooftop Geocoding

Geocoding transforms addresses into lat/long coordinates. SmartyStreets provides you with hyper-accurate geocoding at mind-blowing speeds.
Check Out PricingUS Rooftop Geocoding reveals the longitude and latitude of an address

US Rooftop Geocoding

When we say 'rooftop', we mean the geocodes for most addresses will be placed right on the roof of the correct building. SmartyStreets gives you hyper-accurate geocoding at blazing speeds. All for a fixed price.

Latitude and longitude at the rooftop

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rooftop Geocoding?

Rooftop geocoding means the geocodes for the actual rooftop of an address. Other geocoding providers may give you an estimated geocode for the center of a property. That could be a long ways from the actual roof of the building. SmartyStreets' US Rooftop Geocoding gives you true rooftop geocodes. No one else is as precise as SmartyStreets.

Why is accurate geocoding important?

Geocoding unlocks hidden value from your address data. What insurance risks does this address have near it? What specific service area is it in? The more precise your geocodes are, the more you can reduce costs, and increase profits. And SmartyStreets has the most accurate geocodes available.

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Hyper-accurate geocodes at mind-blowing speeds.