Address Verification Products

Choose your awesomeness.

Single Address Verification

Single Address Verification

Only need to validate a single address? Try this demo (US or International addresses). Get 45 metadata points about the address too.

Address Lists

Have a list of addresses to validate? Validate up to 50,000 at once using our address list processing tools. Uses a simple copy/paste process.

Address Lists

jQuery Plugin

Want to add address validation to your website or app? Use our amazing jQuery plugin:

jQuery Plugin

A copy+paste solution for address verification on your website.

Address Validation APIs

In addition to our US & International Street Address APIs, we offer several additional APIs:

  • US ZIP Code API

    Need the ZIP Code for an address? This API will give it to you.

  • US Autocomplete API

    A simple HTTP endpoint that can suggest addresses while a user is still typing.

  • US Extract API

    Find and verify USPS addresses in texts, tweets, emails, documents and more.

Address Validation APIs

All of the following data points are available:

  • Input index
  • Candidate index
  • Addressee
  • Delivery line 1
  • Delivery line 2
  • Last line
  • Delivery point barcode
  • Urbanization
  • Primary number
  • Street name
  • Street predirection
  • Street postdirection
  • Street suffix
  • Secondary number
  • Secondary designator
  • PMB designator
  • PMB number
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • ZIP+4 code
  • Delivery point
  • Delivery point check digit
  • Record type
  • County FIPS
  • County name
  • County route
  • Congressional district
  • Building default indicator
  • RDI (residential/commercial)
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Precision
  • Time Zone
  • UTC offset
  • Observes DST
  • DPV™ match code
  • DPV™ footnotes
  • CMRA
  • Vacant
  • Active
  • EWS match
  • Footnotes
  • LACSlink code
  • LACSlink indicator
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