Local API Installations

If your company has strict policies in place that prevent you from calling cloud-based web services on the internet (such as ours), you may want to consider running your own local installation of our APIs. This document details some of the prerequisites for doing this and provides links to each API's specific installation process.


  1. API Documentation
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Updates
  4. API Listing

API Documentation

All local installations of the SmartyStreets APIs perform identically to the cloud-based versions hosted by SmartyStreets with the exception that they don't require client authentication or authorization. Please refer to the documentation for each specific API for details about input and output fields.


Access to local US Street API packages and resources is currently restricted to customers with an Enterprise account. Downloading the packages also requires a valid secret key pair for authentication.

The process of downloading, installing, and managing a local instance of any SmartyStreets API requires a system administrator or software engineer who has experience with the Linux operating system and its accompanying shell environment.

Each API listed below is designed to run on a Linux server that can be reached by any clients you intend to call the service. Responsibility for network and server maintenance (as well as the performance of all installation instructions) rests with your organization.


SmartyStreets publishes regular updates to local API packages. We recommend that you download and install these updates on at least a monthly basis.

API Listing

Each API listed below is available for local installation:

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