Startup Offering

We Believe in the Little Guys

We believe that lots of the best things in life (and on the web) are free. We'd like to be on that list. Startups turn into small businesses, and small businesses are the backbone of our nation's economy. We support good posture.

SmartyStreets is proud to offer 1 year of free, Unlimited service to qualifying startups. All we ask in return is that you spread the love by telling your friends about how our service has helped you.

Note: This offering applies only to our US address validation services, not to our international address validation service.

How does address verification make a difference for startups?

With our powerful address verification tools, SmartyStreets helps you keep your addresses up-to-date so you can spend time building your business instead of chasing bad addresses. Your budget is a valuable resource—save every penny that you can!

What about privacy? Will my data be sold or shared?

Nope, we take your privacy seriously. Data that you submit to us is never sold or shared in any way. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Will we receive the full service, or is it limited?

Our donation of services to startups includes full access to all our services for US addresses. Future updates and improvements are also included. As always, our stellar customer service is extended to all of our customers, paying or not.

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