International Plans

Standard terms. No setup fees. No contracts. No gimmicks.
Lookups last for one month, or until used up, whichever comes first.

To get going, apply now.
100 lookups

7.0¢ each $7
250 lookups

6.8¢ each $17
500 lookups

6.6¢ each $33
1,000 lookups

6.5¢ each $65
2,500 lookups

6.3¢ each $157
5,000 lookups

6.1¢ each $305
10,000 lookups

5.9¢ each $592
25,000 lookups

5.7¢ each $1,425
50,000 lookups

5.6¢ each $2,780
100,000 lookups

5.4¢ each $5,400
500,000 lookups

5.2¢ each $26,000
1,000,000 lookups

5.0¢ each $50,000

Bulk rate discounts for high-volume users.
12 monthly plans for the price of 10.

To get started, simply contact us.
1,200 lookups

5.8¢ each $70
3,000 lookups

5.7¢ each $170
6,000 lookups

5.5¢ each $330
12,000 lookups

5.4¢ each $650
30,000 lookups

5.2¢ each $1,570
60,000 lookups

5.1¢ each $3,050
120,000 lookups

4.9¢ each $5,920
300,000 lookups

4.8¢ each $14,350
600,000 lookups

4.6¢ each $27,800
1,200,000 lookups

4.5¢ each $54,000
6,000,000 lookups

4.3¢ each $260,000
12,000,000 lookups

4.2¢ each $500,000

Ummm... Question?

Which countries are included?

All of them. Seriously.

Some countries certainly have better data than others but we have still gathered the best data that is available from them all.

How do I get started?

The easiest thing to do is to try it now for free. You'll get 100 free lookups to test with. To get going, apply now.

What happens when my plan runs out?

You are always in charge. You can choose to auto-renew at the same level, upgrade, downgrade, or shut off - depending on your needs. More >>

Are there any free lookups with the International Service?

Your first 100 lookups are free. If you still need help with testing beyond that, let us know.

Does this include address geocodes?

Absolutely. The latitude/longitude are included.

How about a one-time purchase?

Easy. Just select the plan that you need and tell us that you don't want to automatically renew. That's it.

So, if you purchase 10,000 lookups and then process 15,000 addresses, you will still be responsible for the remaining lookups.

Special Offerings


Our awesome service is no longer limited to US addresses
International addresses »

Private Label

Use our APIs to provide any of our services to your customers.
Private Label licensing »


Our infrastructure scales, as do our offerings for Enterprise customers.
Enterprise options »


We donate a year of free service to qualifying startups to help them get going.
Startup offering »

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