Free address verification

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Free address verification

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It's free because it should be.

We know what it's like to start small.

We've been there before: funds are limited and address verification seems like a burden more than a necessity, even though it may be vital to what you do. To make better address data accessible for everyone, we're providing some lookups for free to everyone... forever.

In return, spread the love

If you stay on our free plan, all we ask is that you tell other people and organizations. For example, tweet about us on Twitter; give answers on Stack Exchange or Quora; publish a press release or blog post; write a review about your experience; tell your friends, associates, and other departments/branches of your organization.

Please also mention your free use of our services on your website:

<a href="" title="Look up and validate street addresses"> Address verification</a> by SmartyStreets

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Your first month

New SmartyStreets customers get 250 US address lookups per month for free automatically. This allows you to process your existing list of addresses or test our API as you integrate it with your system.

Free forever after that

While you're on the free plan, your account will renew with 250 lookups every month. If you need more lookups, you can upgrade easily at any time.

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Do you sell my data?

No, we don't sell or share your data in any way. Everyone shares in the full benefits of our Privacy Policy.

Can I get more lookups for testing?

Just contact us if you need more for testing. Please tell us what you're building or what you're using our service for—we'd love to know as we grant you free lookups!

Will I receive the full service or is it restricted?

It's the real deal. Full access to all our US address tools. Free lookups are the same as paid ones.

Do unused lookups roll over?

Nope, so use them up! Our system is blazing fast and can handle heavy loads, so don't feel like you need to wait or throttle your usage.

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