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For nonprofits and startups

We frequently donate our services to the following types of organizations:

  1. 501(c)(3) nonprofits, schools, religious organizations, libraries
  2. Startups younger than 18 months who have monthly revenue under $10,000 (eligibility reassessed after 12 months)

All we ask in return is that you spread the word about our services. Read on!

For everyone else

Everyone can verify addresses for free by creating a free SmartyStreets account. Right away, you get:

As far as we know, we're the only provider of free, CASS-Certified™ address verification services.

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How does address verification make a difference for nonprofits and startups?

Do you have a mailing list? Make sure you don't waste time sending out letters that won't arrive. Do you have a database of names and addresses? Keep your addresses up to date so you can spend time helping people instead of chasing bad addresses. Do you collect addresses on your website? Validate them as they are being entered so you know they are accurate. Your budget is a valuable resource; save every penny that you can!

What about privacy? Will my data be sold or shared?

Nope, we take your privacy seriously. Data that you submit to us is never sold or shared in any way. You can read more about this in our privacy policy. If you are still concerned about privacy, you can remove the name or company name information from your addresses before submitting them to our service. This will ensure that any personal data is absolutely safe.

Will we receive the full service or is it limited?

Those to whom we donate our services will receive full access to all our services. Future updates and improvements are also included.

Will SmartyStreets donate its services to my organization?

Quite likely. We try to help as many organizations as we can. Fill out the request form below to find out for sure.

The list of organizations that we have donated our services to in the past is very long. It includes nonprofits, churches, schools, animal shelters, and many more.

How long does your review process take?

Usually just a few business days, and sometimes even the same day. You can help by including your phone number and website information on your account. If you are in a hurry, just give us a call.

How long will it be free for us?

For startups, the donation of our services has a one-year limit. For all others to whom we donate our services, donations are made in one-year increments.

What am I expected to do in return?
  1. Mention our service to at least two other people or organizations. There are many ways you can do this. Suggestions are in the next section.

  2. If possible, add a link* somewhere on your website that points to ours. You may use the following link structure and text:
    <a href="" title="Validate and geocode addresses with LiveAddress">Address validation</a> by SmartyStreets This is how the link will look:   Address validation by SmartyStreets

    * If you don't have a website, or there are circumstances which prevent you from putting a link on it, there are other ways you can tell people about us.

What can I do to tell other people about this?

Why donate our services?

We believe that lots of the best things in life (and on the web) are free. We'd like to be on that list. Startups turn into small businesses, and small businesses are the backbone of our nation's economy. We support good posture. As always, our stellar customer service is extended to all of our customers, paying or not.

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What happens next?

After you submit the request form, you will receive an email with a few follow-up questions. Please reply to the questions and we will review your information. We may need to contact you, so please ensure that your contact information is complete, correct, and current.

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and policies. You understand that we donate at our discretion.

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