CASS™ Summary Report


Meet the CASS™ Summary Report

When presenting your mailing to the USPS, the CASS™ Summary Report, also known as PS Form 3553, certifies to the post office that your mailing has been processed by our address-matching software. The report must be generated by our automated process. Handwritten forms are not accepted by the post office.

In order to receive a discount for barcoding your mailing, the CASS™ Summary Report is required.

Mailers with large quantities of mail can save by barcoding the mail. To get barcoded discounts in addition to the regular discounts for bulk mail, your mail must be able to pass through automated sorting equipment. Mail that is irregularly shaped, thick, or cannot bend is not eligible for barcoding discounts since it cannot be sorted on automatic machines.

This form is available as a free download, even before you pay for your processed list. This allows you to see how many of your addresses were certified before making a financial commitment.