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LiveAddress for Lists

For files and spreadsheets with a list of addresses to validate

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LiveAddress API

Add address validation to your website, app, or Office™ program

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Reseller Plans

Provide address validation to your customers

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LiveAddress for Lists

Purchases never expire. Details

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LiveAddress API

Billed monthly or annually. Details
How does this subscription model work? Details

billed monthly
250 lookups   (free forever) Free
500 lookups $20
1,000 lookups $30
10,000 lookups $80
50,000 lookups $300
100,000 lookups $500
UNLIMITED lookups   (all you can eat!) $1,000

Have a lot of addresses? Check out our unlimited plan.

billed annually
6,000 lookups   (saves you $39) $200
12,000 lookups   (saves you $60) $300
120,000 lookups   (saves you $200) $760
600,000 lookups   (saves you $1,000) $2,600
1,200,000 lookups   (saves you $2,000) $4,000
UNLIMITED lookups   (all you can eat!) $10,000
Savings is relative to monthly plans.

LiveAddress for Resellers

Billed based on usage. Details

Price per lookup
(billed monthly)

Initial purchase

Contact us
(to get started)

$.004 (includes 250,000 lookups)   $1,000 877-216-8883
$.001 (includes 5 million lookups)   $5,000 877-216-8883

Note: Reseller plans are subject to the reseller license agreement.


What's a "reseller"?

If you, and you solely, are receiving/using the result of address validation for your own purposes and/or products, then you are probably not a reseller and your usage falls under our regular Terms of Service. However, if your customers, clients, or others are verifying addresses through you, then you probably are a reseller.

Examples: If Amazon or Old Navy were to use our service to validate the addresses they ship to, they would not necessarily be reselling, since they are not giving the result data to their customers. However, if SalesForce or Google Maps were to integrate our service so that their users could validate addresses using our service, it would be reselling since their users receive the result data.

Why are lookups included with the initial purchase?

Your initial, payment includes a certain number of lookups (250,000 at the $1000 level and 5 million at the $5000 level) for a one year term. After those lookups have been depleted, monthly billing begins and is based on your usage. Any unused lookups at the end of the subscription (one year) will be lost.

Which lookups count?

For resellers, a lookup is a lookup regardless of whether it was performed using LiveAddress for Lists or LiveAddress API. As a reseller, you may use LiveAddress for Lists or LiveAddress API, or both products.

What are the benefits of the "reseller plan"?

• Don't re-invent the wheel. Address validation and geocoding are complicated processes. We have put years (and many tubs of Red Vines) into becoming experts. Do you want to focus on addresses, or on your core business objectives? If you want to include awesome address validation into your service or application but you don't want to invest the time, money, and Red Vines to build your own, then you can see the benefit of utilizing our API.
• Set it and forget it. We do all the maintenance. We keep the databases up to date, we keep the servers running all the time, we handle any problems that may arise. We feel the generous reseller terms and the pricing will make it an easy choice for you.

Cool perks
  • Start for free
  • Free unlimited for nonprofits and startups
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  • No minimums or contracts
  • Save when you buy in bulk
  • Instant turnaround time
  • No software licenses
  • Start anytime 24/7 on your own

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