Data Protection Policy

Data Collection and Usage

In order to use the services from the Company, you may be required to submit data to the Company's secure servers. The Company recognizes that the data submitted for processing remains the property of the submitting user or the user's company or organization. You agree that the Company will take reasonable measures to ensure that this data remains secure. The Company will not sell, give, or otherwise distribute to any unauthorized third party, any data submitted by you.

Our International Street API is designed to only accept non-personal address data. In accordance with GDPR guidelines, you agree not to submit any international personal data to our services.

Physical Security

Our data centers are highly secured facilities, monitored 24 hours a day. The movement of all authorized visitors is recorded and your data is located in a locked area within the facility. Our data center machines communicate with each other using a private network behind a firewall that prevents any unauthorized access to our machines. Any credit card information stored for the purpose of automated, renewal billing is stored in encrypted form, and any password information is stored with a one-way encryption cipher known as a hash.

Updated: February 2, 2018

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