SmartyStreets JavaScript SDK

If you want to access our APIs (other than the Download API) from a JavaScript application, the SmartyStreets JavaScript SDK can make it a lot easier. Our JavaScript SDK includes ready-made data structures and takes care of all the gritty, low-level HTTP intricacies for you.


  1. Requirements
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. How to Get It
    1. NPM
    2. Attach It as a Script in Your HTML
    3. Download the Source Code
  4. How to Use It
    1. Demo
    2. Examples
  5. API Reference Material


  1. Have a JavaScript project written for ES6 or higher (or lower; we're Babel-safe back to the stone age).
  2. Realize that you need an address verification component.
  3. Congratulate yourself on your wisdom and personal growth when you conclude that you don't want to build your own address verification component.
  4. Realize that SmartyStreets has already created an address verification component.
  5. Maybe take a drink of something fluid and fit for human consumption to quench your thirst.
  6. Congratulations! You are now ready to use the SmartyStreets JavaScript SDK.

How Does It Work?

The SmartyStreets JavaScript SDK is pre-composed of a set of shared core components that can be used across all of our APIs with bespoke lookup objects for your convenience. New up a lookup and a client, send the lookup with the client, and get back a promise. Easy as that.

How to Get It


Of course we're on NPM. Slurp it down like this:

npm install smartystreets-javascript-sdk

Once you've got it, you can initialize the SDK client and you're ready to start moving and shaking.

Attach It as a Script in Your HTML

Maybe you need a single package from a handy CDN. That's cool too. We got u, bro. Throw one of these little snippet at the bottom of your <body> tag to pull it into your project. This little beauty even works with all those legacy IE clients you want to ditch so badly!

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Download the Source Code

You can find source code of the SmartyStreets JavaScript SDK repository on Github which contains many sample code snippets.

Use the source, Luke!

How to Use It



Here are a few examples showing how to use the JavaScript SDK:

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