Adding ZIP+4 Codes to Addresses

A lot of customers contact us asking how they can add +4 Codes to their address lists. In fact, it is one of our most popular requests. The good news is that SmartyStreets can take lists of thousands of addresses, and append +4 Codes to them in just a few minutes.

Getting the ZIP+4 Codes added to your addresses is as easy as creating an account on SmartyStreets, uploading your list, and running it through our software. We like to call this our Batch ZIP Code Lookup, because you can lookup ZIP Codes or ZIP+4 Codes for thousands of addresses in seconds.

Here are the steps to getting your +4 Codes today:

  1. Create a free SmartyStreets account - all you need to enter is your name and email to create an account.
  2. Upload Your Address List - The software accepts lists in a variety of formats. Most people just use Excel.
  3. Pay for SmartyStreets Scrubbing, and submit your list to the software. It is as inexpensive as $29.95 for 5,000 addresses.

The post office recommends using the +4 Code because it can increase the delivery speed of your mail. Our software is also helpful for removing bad addresses from your list—DPV processing is especially helpful with this. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact SmartyStreets.

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