Hi, I'm Michelle

As "office mom,” I pretty much have the best job ever. I do the normal office work like pay bills, edit the website, get the mail, and keep office supplies stocked. But I also get to plan company activities, bake cookies in the office kitchen, help design T­shirts, bake cake for everyone’s birthdays, and make Costco runs to buy inordinate amounts of cereal, beef jerky, and chocolate for the office.

Outside of work, I enjoy baking, making handmade cards and crafts, reading (mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and cookbooks), and Netflix marathons with my husband (especially if it involves Doctor Who or Firefly).

My favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chip. Or English toffee crunch. Or maybe cake batter (with Reese’s...mmm...). Or really any ice cream... ever. Except spumoni.

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Consuming raw or undercooked cookie dough may increase your risk of foodborne illness.