Hi, I'm Megan

If I’m not in the office talking to people about their feelings or leading daily walks, you can probably find me doing one of the following:

  • Hanging with the fam. With 38 nieces and nephews, there is always a performance to attend or athletic game to support. Let it be known that I just love those little guys and being an aunt is the BEST.
  • Hiking in the mountains slash being outside. One of the best perks of Utah living is being able to leave work and be on a beautiful trail in less than thirty minutes. *heart eyes*
  • Photographing people, places, etc and then deleting half of those photographs afterward. It’s all fun and games until my computer is out of space from all the images I do nothing with!
  • Watching The Bachelor or This Is Us. Hey, don’t ever say I’m not versatile.
  • Traveling. I love exploring new places and cultures and often regret not becoming a famous blogger so I could get paid to do such things.
  • Working on a drawing class assignment. Next time I decide to take up a new skill because it sounds fun, PLEASE TALK ME OUT OF IT.
  • Reminiscing about Boston and the east coast. I recently moved back to Utah from there and miss all the things.
  • Reading books like “How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk” (please bless it helps)
  • Being at the gym. Not necessarily because I like it, but because I’m trying to be a better human and have high hopes that classes like U-Jam and R.I.P.P.E.D are going to be what get me there (next up: consume more vegetables)
  • Studying chinese. JK I never do that but I should.
  • And last but definitely not least, eating ice cream (because we all know there is always room for ice cream).