Hi, I'm Jonathan

Jonathan founded SmartyStreets in 2005. It was originally named Qualified Address (dumb name, huh?). When he’s not performing rocket surgery or herding cats, he’s coding away on some new and incredible idea that will provide the awesome sauce our customers crave.

A code monkey at heart, Jonathan devours anything related to system architecture and coding practices and techniques. In 2009, he helped pioneer an architectural concept known as “CQRS” (command query responsibility segregation) and has written several open source libraries in support of this concept and frequently presents his learning and techniques at various software development conferences.

He started coding at age 8 but really got into code at age 10 when he purchased his first C compiler, Borland Turbo C++. At age 12, he was releasing shareware software to online BBS systems and would receive payments to support his Cheetos habit. He was one of the first 10,000 members of America Online when it first debuted. His first job at the age of 16 was doing IT for a local city in Northern California.

Because he lived just outside of Silicon Valley, he strongly considered applying for a position at a startup nearby called Netscape, but ultimately decided against it because the commute would have conflicted with his high school schedule. Instead, he opted for a job as a developer with an online dating website which went from startup to 100,000 members in its first year. Incidentally, this is where he got interested in solving problems that systems experience under significant load and how to solve those problems using distributed systems.

In his spare time (hah!) when he’s not coding, he’s still thinking about code. And when he absolutely can’t do that anymore, he’s reading about code. And when he’s not doing that, he’ll be reading various personal development books, such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Good To Great, or Who Moved My Cheese?, etc.

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