Hi, I'm Jeffrey

I like cereal and funny, witty, smart jokes (keep 'em clean). The smarter the better. If I have to explain to you why a joke was funny, well, I’m just not going to. My current favorite joke: "So, this seal walked into a club..."

I just found out that I’m the only one working here that actually thinks about addresses when I go home. That’s fine, there has to be one weirdo on every ship. I can take one for the team. I actually enjoy solving the hard problems and figuring out what’s going on with crazy addresses. For example, why is a two block section of 6th Avenue officially called Avenue of the Americas? Well, the official answer is because the US Post Office likes it that way. But, I dug deep enough to find the real answer. That’s one of the things I do here. I’m also pretty good at breaking things. Yet another reason, I think, that they keep me.

I love eating healthy happy kids and soccer (hmmm, might've missed some commas). Also hiking, camping, running, walking, playing in the rain. Lots of things like that. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a long walk on the beach. Have you ever noticed that it’s kind of hard to walk on the beach? The sand just keeps moving under your feet. Much more efficient to walk on grass or a sidewalk.

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Consuming raw or undercooked cookie dough may increase your risk of foodborne illness.