Hi, I'm Gabe

Gabe, a Denver native joined the team in 2017 and has been loving every minute aboard the SS SmartyStreets.

When not at work, Gabe spends time with his family and his tiny dog, which you should follow on Instagram @teddytoybear. He loves riding his road bike and performing improv comedy at ImprovBroadway with Brady (three to the left on desktop or three up on mobile).

He is a hot wing/hot sauce connoisseur, owns an outrageously diverse and large Stance sock collection, has seen It’s a Wonderful Life over 64 times, loves Uggs boots, and has never worn his hair the same way twice.

Allergies - olives, lycra, and rabbits

Skills - Airhorn sounds, Stranger Things quotes, and makes a delicious Belgian Waffle

Fears - Heights, The Sharks (from Westside Story) and Nick Nolte

As Seen On...

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