Hi, I'm Dustin

I'm a singer-songwriter, a decent bassist, a lover of fine arts, always have a joke in my heart, and only feel good when I'm productive. I can hardly sit still even long enough to watch a movie... So, as you can imagine, I never thought I wanted a desk job. Then I turned into a monkey and started to code. Can't stop, won't stop.

I have been married a little over two years and still look 17. I really hope that in my old age looking young will suit me well.

I love juice. Like, picture any person you know that loves juice more than you do. Then include all the people too embarrassed to admit they love it so much. Then I'm still at the top. Water is good. Juice is life.

If we ever communicate by email, text, or messaging service, I will use enough emojis to drive you quickly insane. I'm self-conscious enough about it that you'd think I would stop... 😛

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