Hi, I'm Dirk

Dirk is a back-end programmer who loves creating and automating computer processes. Over the years, his favorite question from coworkers has been, "Can you write a script that will ..." You get the idea.

Dirk loves to solve problems, the type that do not seem to have solutions. If you ever need Dirk to take on such a challenge, remember to say the magic words, "I don't think this can be done," or even more personal, "I don't think YOU can do it." His wife (Cheryl) and 5 children have used this approach over the years to get him to do many things for them.

Dirk enjoys using his table saw and other power tools to create and repair things, and makes all his neckties (since it is so inexpensive and fun). He hopes one day to write a book on the many uses for metal hangers and loves cutting and bending them at just the right lengths and angles to fill specific needs (Note: Never discard a metal hanger, give it to Dirk).

Finally, Dirk believes that things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

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