Our Autocomplete API is a simple HTTP endpoint that can suggest street addresses while a user is still typing.

Use of the Autocomplete API is free; it does not count against your subscription usage. Once an address is selected, it’s sent through our US Street Address API to be standardized and verified, which will count as one address lookup. Not every suggested address will be valid, but the only significant part of any suggestion which may be invalid is the primary (house) number. Streets, cities, and states will always be valid combinations.

When we built autocomplete, we designed it around the user's intent, not verification. Instead of trying to validate their input before they’ve finished (and restricting their input to some limited options) we focused on helping the user finalize their intent faster: simply suggest addresses that match their input so far. We recommend that the final verification check happen when they're done typing.

What about ZIP Codes?

There are a few important reasons we don't use ZIP Codes in our autocomplete suggestions:

Our autocomplete service handles ZIP Codes gracefully, but it does not translate ZIP Codes to cities/states, or vice-versa. We have a ZIP Code API for that.

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