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Would you like your output files served raw or well-done?

For a long time, our address verification customers have had to deal with one extremely wide output file when downloading scrubbed lists. This meant wading through all sorts of codified mailing industry information just to get to the data you wantthe verified addresses!

So, as a solution to this, we're now providing several files with each download:

  • simple-mailable file (yep, this just includes the good addresses)
  • simple-duplicates file (yep, you guessed it, just the duplicates)
  • simple-rejected file (seeing a pattern?)

These files only include the essential fields needed to get a mailing out the doorsuch as the Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Delivery Point Barcode, and any Name or ID fields you may have provided.

Now, because the address junkies out there are probably starting to bite their nails with anxiety and worry, let us reassure you we are also still providing the same output file we've always provided, and it's now called:

  • everything

Pretty simple, huh?

Each of these files is explained in more detail on our wiki , but the best way to familiarize yourself with the new files is to see and use them. So head over to your account , and process a list!

We hope this update simplifies your workflow!

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