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What exactly is a Street Genius?


Last Updated: March 18, 2013

Street Genius, is that like a Jedi?


Street Genius is like a Jedi but incognito. We're like the sky marshals of Jedi. No one notices or acknowledges us unless we are needed.

We are experts at address validation. We have spent many hours reading through the USPS standards and classifications and then wondered why we had nightmares about ZIP Codes and addresses following us around. After so many years of working with hard-to-figure-out addresses (there are a lot of them) we have passed the level of mere address expert and attained the title of Street Genius.

If you've got any questions about anything even remotely pertaining to addresses, we can answer them for you. So, try to stump us. We're up for the challenge.

Of course, there is no charge for our awesomeness. We're happy to help!

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