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What constitutes a "bad address"?


Last Updated: April 11, 2013

What exactly is a bad address?


Excellent question, and one that we have never specifically answered in writing so it's a good exercise to do.


218 Gadsden Hwy Birmingham, AL 35235


[house number invalid] 214 Gadsden Hwy Birmingham, AL 35235

[house number missing] Gadsden Hwy Birmingham, AL 35235

[street/zip mismatch] 218 Gadsden Hwy 35211

[missing state or zip] 218 Gadsden Hwy Birmingham

[street misspelled] 218 Catsden Hwy Birmingham, AL 35235

[street misspelled] 218 Gads Hwy Birmingham, AL 35235

VALID ADDRESSES (but not deliverable):

You can also have this same address and it could be vacant or marked as inactive. That would make an otherwise valid address, not deliverable.

So, those are just a few examples. Indeed, there are many ways that a single address could be bad. It could be incomplete or just plain wrong.

Here is a list of the return codes that we have about the addresses, and also some examples for them.