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Undeliverables - Pay Now or Pay Later

A recent conversation on LinkedIn brought up some shocking estimates of what one piece of UAA (Undeliverable as Addressed) mail costs an organization. We thought you might be interested in this information.

Factoring in the cost of postage plus paper, labor, carbon footprint, etc., one member noted that the total cost for a business to receive back one piece of undeliverable as addressed mail is about $3.00. Another Linkedin member noted that doing some mailings for her company using list-hygiene services (like those provided by Qualified Address ) brought a 34:1 ROI.

We cant verify these numbers, but everyone agrees that undeliverable mail is expensive. Certainly, it pays to have a clean, updated mailing list.

The option we recommend is NCOA (National Change of Address), a web-based service provided by Qualified Address . NCOA will ensure that if your customers have moved, you can find their updated address. The service also includes CASS , which will scrub your list and make sure the addresses are formatted correctly so that they are deliverable.
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