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Survey Says . . . They Love Us!

Although we've only been providing services for about six months, Qualified Address has developed a pretty good customer base during this short time. Last week, we sent out a survey to find out what our customers thought of our services.

The result? They love it!

Over 10% of our customers responded--which is a pretty good response rate as far as online surveys go--and most of them had lots of praise for Qualified Address and its services.

Here are some of the things that our customers had to say about our service:

  • Quick service.
  • Easy to use. Quick.
  • I made a mistake and my sales rep helped me in a very nice and fast way.
  • Easy to fill-out forms and directions to send the list to you.
  • Good customer service and prompt response.
  • Super quick, accurate, and affordable.

The thing that got me really excited about these results was that the things that customers liked most--speed, ease of use, and accuracy--were our goals in developing this software. It looks like we have been successful!

And if you think our service is good now, wait until you see what we're coming up with next! Our address scrubbing services are just the beginning. We have an Address Verification API coming out later this month that will revolutionize how people validate addresses on their websites. Keep checking back here for more information. We'll be making the announcement shortly.

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