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How to add suite numbers for businesses

SuiteLink® is a product included in our service that matches and appends known suite numbers to addresses of businesses in multiple-occupancy buildings, a.k.a. highrises. A highrise can be a building of any number of floors housing multiple businesses.

"The SuiteLink Product will allow developers to create a software interface that will have the capability of appending the secondary (suite) information to a business address. The SuiteLink Product will enable customers to provide improved business addressing information by adding known secondary (suite) information to business addresses, which will allow USPS delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible. Records that have been processed through CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® address matching software and identified as highrise defaults are potential candidates for SuiteLink processing."

SuiteLink was added by the USPS in 2009 as one of the requirements for passing CASS Certification.

The following address input is a good example: INPUT: Butler Nutrition, 2311 Biscayne Dr, 72227 OUTPUT: Butler Nutrition, 2311 Biscayne Dr Ste 110, Little Rock AR 72227-3343

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