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LiveAddress API Samples

Learn by example

Sometimes the best way to learn a new API is to hit the ground running. Or, as Tony Stark says, "Sometimes you have to run before you can walk." In accordance, here are some resources to help you fly (like Ironman does).

Note   Sample code is presented as-is and we are unable to help with running or implementing it. We highly recommend developers write their own production code and only use examples as a starting point.

View and download sample code

LiveAddressSamples at GitHub has code samples for using the API in several different languages including C#, HTML/Javascript, PHP, Java, Python, etc.

HTML/Javascript helpers

In addition to all the LiveAddress code on GitHub, here's more specifically for websites:

  • LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin — We built a powerful and easy jQuery plugin for use on your website forms. Just copy, paste, and ... that's it! Usually, no configuration necessary.

  • liveaddress.js — A lightweight, jQuery-less way of making API requests with Javascript. For example, geocode an address by doing: LiveAddress.geocode(address, callback);
  • jsFiddle — Working Javascript examples you can try. Just plug in your own website key and click the "Run" button at the top. (Make sure is the associated authorized domain name.)

Further reading

Once you've tinkered with the examples, you may want to read up on how the API actually works.

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