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LiveAddress API Now Fully Geo-Distributed

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up that our geo-distributed LiveAddress API is going live on Tuesday morning, November 8th. We have already been running in fully geo-distributed mode with many of our address verification customers for the last week and they have been quite pleased. In fact, for all of our customers along the East Coast, the latency will drop due to the fewer number of network hops required.

We still have plans for an additional set of nodes along the West Coast in order to better service our customer base out of California. We will keep you posted on how that develops.

In the meantime, many of you have been asking for some kind of public status page hosted by a third party, which would be unaffected by any potential downtime we might experience. The provider we are currently testing is called Site24x7. If we decide to utilize another provider, well let you know.
The status page can be found here.