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Just Another Pretty Face But Easier on the Eyes

Over the past six months we've made some very dramatic changes and improvements. First and foremost, we changed our name from Qualified Address to SmartyStreets. After that we launched a slick new interface which automagically detects your file format and content so you don't have to be confined to using a custom/restrictive format when processing a file with us. We have also introduced properly cased street names (Main St vs MAIN ST) and we followed up by creating a new REST+JSON-based endpoint for LiveAddress API users instead of the horrible, old SOAP+XML endpoint (yuck). Last, but definitely not least, we're now giving away our services 100% completely free to nonprofit institutions. That's pretty awesome. Oh. And did I mention that we know offer latitude/longitude geocoding at no extra charge?

Notwithstanding all of these changes, our main website has remained the same and has started to show some age. So we invested some time into making it simple, easy, and attractive. We recently launched the new website and have had some great response to how intuitive it is. Here's a smarty list of what's new on the site:

  • Commercials--a video is worth a thousand words. Check out the new commercials!
  • Knowledge Base
    • Everything you (never) wanted to know about address verification can be found in our exhaustive glossary. Always wanted to know more about DPV, or the DPBC, or CASS-Certification but never knew where to turn? Look no further!
  • Products
    • Up till now, weve had 2 product lines: LiveAddress (our API), and CASS-Certified Scrubbing. The truth is, both did the same thing but were used differently. For simplicity, weve united them under a common banner: LiveAddress.
    • LiveAddress API is still LiveAddress API. This is for websites, programs, and automated queries.
    • CASS-Certified Scrubbing is now LiveAddress for Lists . This is for Excel, CSV, and other types of files that have a lot of addresses in them.
    • Completely re-designed, our new product pages present more useful information in a more effective way. We have heard your pleas and, once again, made significant improvements.
    • Did you know that both LiveAddress for Lists and LiveAddress API are free? We don't limit you to a trial period anymore: For any list with up to 42 addresses , its totally free. For any API subscriptions less than 250 queries/mo , its totally free.
  • Pricing
    • Weve simplified the pricing tiers for both LiveAddress products. As always, we didnt raise any prices, but now you dont have to feel overwhelmed trying to choose from too many options.
  • Product demos
  • Legal Stuff
  • Contact information
    • Want to know the location of our rebel base ? The new contact page includes a map pinpointing our location as well as some of our favorite spots around town.
  • Unlimited List processing

On the technical side, our site employs some of the latest web technologies, including HTML 5, CSS 3 and of course, jQuery. Were starting to phase out support for older browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and below, but most of you who keep software up-to-date should have a great experience on our new website. We made it to be more appealing, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive. Well constantly be tweaking and improving upon the design, so check back often and expect the best to get even better. Enjoy the new website!

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