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Installing the plugin

This plugin is deprecated and will receive no continued development.

This page explains how to install the SmartyStreets website plugin on your own web page.


  • Ability to add HTML to your web page
  • All address fields are inside a <form> tag
  • jQuery 1.5.1 or newer

To customize the plugin for your web site, you'll need HTML, CSS, and Javascript experience.


Copy and paste this code into your web page:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script>jQuery.LiveAddress({key: "YOUR_WEBSITE_KEY_HERE", addresses: [{YOUR_ADDRESS_MAPPING_HERE}]});</script>

Replace YOUR_WEBSITE_KEY_HERE with a website key for the website on which you're installing the plugin.

IMPORTANT: You must put quotes around the website key, because we're treating it as a string, not an integer.

Replace YOUR_ADDRESS_MAPPING_HERE with an address map for the form you are adding the plugin to.

The plugin should work out of the box on simple, semantically correct web pages. More complex sites may need configuration.

Getting Help

This plugin is open source on GitHub, and SmartyStreets does not offer support for implementing it on web pages. However, we maintain thorough documentation on our site to help. Additionally, we recommend these resources:


Javascript & jQuery

Webucator Tutorial

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