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Is My Data Secure?

YES! Absolutely. Your data is completely secure.

Below, we will explain how this works with each of our systems:

CASS-Certified Scrubbing or Standard Scrubbing

When you upload your data to our website for either CASS-Certified or Standard Scrubbing, you may securely erase it from our servers at any time. You click the button, we erase the datapermanently.

LiveAddress Verification API -

When you upload your data for LiveAddress, the data is never saved to disk. With the leading technology of LiveAddress, there is no need to save the data; address verification is all done onlineinstantly. For example, lets say you type an essay into a word processor and print it. You close the program without saving the document, so it is deleted from the computer. You still have your essay, even though you didnt save it to a hard disk. LiveAddress works similarly; your data is processed and returned to you without the need to ever save it to a disk.

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