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How Do Queries Work?

NOTE: This old blog post makes reference to offerings which have since been improved. This content applies to what is now our LiveAddress for Lists service.

When you purchase a subscription with Qualified Address, you choose a number of queries that you wish to be able to process per month or per year. The following is a list of just a few things you should know about these ( Standard or CASS-Certified ) Queries as you get started with your new subscription:

  • Never expire. Dont worry about your queries expiring. Once you buy them, queries are always good for use, and will never expire.
  • Flexible in usage. Use your queries in any number at a time. You dont need to use them all in one shot.
  • Always available for purchase. Go ahead and buy more queries whenever you want.

The conclusion is simple: Qualified Address Queries are on-demand. Buy them whenever you want, use them whenever you want, and put them to use in whatever way you need.

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