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How do I get the address components?


Last Updated: March 18, 2013

We have been evaluating SmartyStreets and all is going well. We now have a requirement to separate the house number from an address. Can your service provide the distinct parts of an address?


Yes. Our address verification service provides the individual address components. The house number is called the PrimaryNumber.

Here is an example input address: 1600 ampytheatre parkways mountans vieww calforna 90210

Here is the LiveAddress API JSON output:

[ { "input_index": 0, "candidate_index": 0, "delivery_line_1": "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy", "last_line": "Mountain View CA 94043-1351", "delivery_point_barcode": "940431351000", "components": { "primary_number": "1600", "street_name": "Amphitheatre", "street_suffix": "Pkwy", "city_name": "Mountain View", "state_abbreviation": "CA", "zipcode": "94043", "plus4_code": "1351", "delivery_point": "00", "delivery_point_check_digit": "0" }, "metadata": { "record_type": "S", "county_fips": "06085", "county_name": "Santa Clara", "carrier_route": "C058", "congressional_district": "14" }, "analysis": { "dpv_match_code": "Y", "dpv_footnotes": "AABB", "dpv_cmra": "N", "dpv_vacant": "N", "ews_match": false, "footnotes": "A#B#M#" } } ]

Using LiveAddress for Lists, the output file that contains the address components is appropriately called "components".

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