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Has sandbox mode been removed in the new API?


Last Updated: April 1, 2013

I am upgrading a client’s application from your deprecated REST API to the new JSON API. They have the sandbox mode enabled in their dev/test environment so that address lookups in the test environment do not count towards their monthly lookup budget. I’ve converted their application OK, but I can’t find any documentation on the sandbox mode under the new JSON API. Am I missing something? Or has the sandbox mode been removed in the latest API version?


There is no sandbox mode in the REST API. Your account is active as soon as you sign up. You have 250 credits to use per month at no charge. If you need more for testing, just let us know and we can add them for you.

If they don't have a paid subscription, they automatically have 250 free per month. If they have a paid subscription, it skips the free subscription. Most people just have one account because we make it so easy to do testing with the security tokens in place, and then when they know our system will work for them, they only need to change the subscription to "go live." No code to change or authentication tokens to active (because they were already active). Any address response that is empty [ ] (has 0 results) doesn't count toward the monthly quota.

With the previous version, the sandbox didn't return an actual validated response but instead returned the input in all caps to let you know that the response had been received successfully. We feel that a better test is not just whether the service gets the request but also what does the returned data look like? That's why we switched off the sandbox with the new REST API.

123 Bogus Street 90210 is definitely not a real address. That can be used anytime, with the REST API, to test the implementation.

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