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Delivery Point Verification (DPV) Now Available!

Qualified Address has added USPS Delivery Point Verification (DPV) processing services to its product line. These services can be accessed at the Qualified Address Scrubbing + DPV Product Page .

DPV is a service from the USPS that helps mailers remove undeliverable addresses from their address lists. While standardization services will put addresses in a standardized format and weed out some bad addresses, a service like DPV is important to find out if an address is complete and valid.

After standardizing your addresses, our DPV software will compare each address with an official list (from the USPS) of addresses that receive mail. A notes column in your list will indicate if the address-matching software found a match, and whether or not the address is missing the apartment or suite.

For more information on DPV, visit Qualified Address .com or call 877.216.8883.

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