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CASS Certified--With Added County Info and Extra Awesomeness!

As part of our initiative to overhaul our product line and deliver more business value to our customers, we have recently added the ability to append county information to our CASS Certified Scrubbing product.

Customers have been asking about this for quite awhile. Our original plans were to have "add-on" booster/extension packs that you would purchase for a small fee to append county information along with other kinds of information to your file. By consolidating our product line, the way forward is much more clear for extension packs and add-on "boosters". Instead of making them a plug-in and charging extra for each item, we'll simply include them for free. Gotta love it, right?

All of this is part of our much larger initiative to vastly simplify and enhance the entire user experience that customers have with us. We want to be your company of choice because we "bring it" and deliver the value you deserve and because rocking the establishment gets everyone--especially us--excited about what we're doing.

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