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Can I validate business names using SmartyStreets?


Last Updated: March 26, 2013

I am looking for a way to verify a business name with it's associated address, and was wondering if SmartyStreets has business name information associated with addresses in the database, and allows validation of the name of the business against the address.


For the most part, no. Business verification (identity verification) is outside the current scope of our services. Our address verification system relies on address data from the US Postal Service. Within the USPS database, many times a business address includes the business name but not all the time so it is not very consistent. We don't have any type of business name data other than that which comes from the USPS.

If the correct business name is provided, we can verify that the USPS has that business registered at that location but not every time. For the most part, the business name is used as a "tie-breaker".

For example, if an address is provided for a business within a shopping center but is missing the suite number, if a valid business name is given (and is an exact match) we would be able to correct the address with the proper suite.

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