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Best-kept secrets: Our REST LiveAddress API endpoint

NOTE: This post is somewhat technical but very important for all users of our LiveAddress API--please forward it to your IT people and programmers!

A few months ago we released a new method for accessing the LiveAddress API - a REST-based endpoint. This endpoint is superior and easier to use than our old XML web service endpoint. With this release we have officially deprecated our old XML web service. Please take note and begin to use the new REST really, right now! You'll thank us later!

The benefits of this new method are many:

  • JSON response (as opposed to the cluttered XML you're used to)
  • Queries can be executed much more easily, with fewer lines of code, from many more languages, without any extra libraries or supporting code. Just roll your own HTTP request.
  • More detailed output (see examples below).

Here's some sample code links to get you started:

Feel free to contribute to our sample code repository on Github if you're using a different language!
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