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Address Verification API Beta Testing Begins

For the past few months Qualified Address has been developing an Address Verification API that can be used on website forms. We have been testing the API on our websites, and are now ready to start opening up the beta testing to other companies.

If you'd like to participate in the test, please contact our sales department by calling 1 (877) 216-8883 ext 701. You need to have a website with a form in order to participate. For allowing us to test the system with you, you'll receive free access to the API during the beta period. This initial version uses JavaScript, but we will also be releasing an XML version in a few weeks. Make sure to let us know which version you're interested in using when you call.

To see how the API works, preview it on the ZIP Code Finder and ZIP+4 Lookup at This API accesses our CASS-certified address scrubbing services to work.

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