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5-Minute Turnaround, 24/7

The web-based, CASS-Certified scrubbing and verification services offered by Qualified Address are clearly time-savers. The advantage in using these leading technologies is clearaddress lists are processed in mere minutes versus days or weeks.

Because our model of business is Software as a Service (SaaS), we are able to provide powerful, on-demand address solutions without requiring customers to install software on their computers. All of Qualified Address services are web-based. This also means that our services can be accessed at any time, in any location, from any type of computerMac, PC, or Linuxall without time-consuming delays of shipping physical software. This eliminates the risks of lost CDs, corrupted program downloads, failing hard drives, and computer viruses or crashes, because all of the address data is handled via the web. You simply send us the address list, and we scrub and send it back to you, all within minutes.

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