POSTNET™ Barcode


The POSTNET™ barcode

The USPS sorts and automates mail using POSTNET™ delivery point barcodes. These barcodes are actually just sequences of 12 digits that are rendered as barcodes using a special font that you can install on your computer.

Download the font

To print barcodes, just download the POSTNET™ font and install it onto your computer. When applied to the 12 digits of the full delivery point barcode...


...the font will render an actual barcode you can print:


How to use the POSTNET™ barcode

Each and every delivery point within the USPS delivery network has a delivery point number, which is embedded within the Delivery Point Bar Code (DPBC).

Mailers with large quantities of mail can save money by barcoding the mail. To get barcoded discounts in addition to the regular discounts for bulk mail, your mail must be able to pass through automated sorting equipment. Mail that is irregularly shaped, thick, or cannot bend is not eligible for barcoding discounts since it cannot be sorted on automatic machines.

There are instructions on our blog for printing labels with barcodes. Additionally, the USPS has some specific size and spacing instructions related to printing the POSTNET Barcode. (The tall line should be 1/8" tall and the width should be between 2-5/8" and 3". Typically this can be achieved with a 16point font.)

What about Intelligent Mail® Barcodes?

The USPS was supposed to replace POSTNET™ and PLANET® barcodes with the Intelligent Mail Barcode® in May 2011, but this has not happened yet, and POSTNET™ barcodes are just as valid for mailings and discounts. As soon as the USPS decides for sure on the status of the IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) we will support it.