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Have you noticed that most address verification and geocoding services have technical or usage limits? If you have a lot of addresses, you've probably seen OVER_QUERY_LIMIT errors. Maybe the other service doesn't return all the data you need. It might be too expensive, or is unreliable. We've seen it all. And LiveAddress fixes it all.

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Look around. Comparable services (and even those which can't compare) are often $25,000+ per year, and that's not even for unlimited lookups.

Our unlimited LiveAddress API service is only a fraction of the cost, weighing in at just $10,000/yr (or $1,000/mo), and will handle as many addresses as you can throw at it. (Seriously, no limits.)

  • Don't pay per-address
  • Don't pay more because your company is large
  • One low, flat rate
  • Free for startups
  • Pricing is right on our website
  • Reseller plans available
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Can you believe we've tried address lookup APIs which have been broken for months? That may be the exception, but it's important that your address data is always correct. As such, we will personally ensure LiveAddress is always ready for you.

Some providers install internal systems for your organization. For lots of addresses this is actually slower and more costly. Why? Consider maintenance, scalability, and processing power. Our cloud-based API is powered by RAM drive servers. New nodes are spun up when LiveAddress becomes saturated, offering more reliable and faster service.

Common problems with other address validation solutions
  • Expensive, and require trained professionals to maintain
  • They don't scale well, if at all
  • Internal systems are more vulnerable to security breaches
  • Little or no personalized support
How LiveAddress is different
  • Built on a cloud infrastructure
  • No in-house systems to maintain
  • Scales up on demand
  • Nationally geo-distributed
  • Guaranteed uptime (SLA)
  • After-hours emergency contact


Popular address lookup and geocoding services don't actually verify the validity of an address or provide much information in the results. We've even seen commercial services fake the results as if they were real. What!?

Combine a low price, real CASS-Certified™ results, geo-coordinates, address components, and more — and you add incredible value to your business or organization because you know your important data has integrity to meet the demands of your operation.

  • Only real and valid results
  • Your one-stop-shop for addresses
  • All the data you need in one place
  • Geocode, componentize, and verify all at once
  • Earn bragging rights at parties with friends
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We offer reseller plans so that you can offer address validation services to your customers.

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