Monthly Yearly
billed monthly
250 lookups   (free forever) Free
500 lookups $20
1,000 lookups $30
10,000 lookups $80
50,000 lookups $300
100,000 lookups $500
UNLIMITED lookups   (all you can eat!) $1,000

Have a lot of addresses? Check out our unlimited plan.

billed annually
6,000 lookups   (saves you $39) $200
12,000 lookups   (saves you $60) $300
120,000 lookups   (saves you $200) $760
600,000 lookups   (saves you $1,000) $2,600
1,200,000 lookups   (saves you $2,000) $4,000
UNLIMITED lookups   (all you can eat!) $10,000
Savings is relative to monthly plans.


Is there a setup fee?

Nope! The services become active immediately for you and there are no hidden fees or charges. You remain in complete control of your billing.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, but it's better than that. Every account comes loaded with 250 lookups per month automatically. That subscription never expires, and it contains all the data we return with our other plans. It's the real deal!

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

You're in control. Cancel, renew, or change your subscription at any time. Just login to your account and edit your subscription preferences.

What if I run out of lookups?

No worries. Uptime is our priority. Unless you choose to cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew and service will not be interrupted. More details.

Can I start without a credit card?

Yes. You can create an account in seconds with just your first name and email address. You'll have 250 lookups per month and you can upgrade at any time.

Do I qualify for free service?

Well, everyone gets 250 free lookups/mo. But if you're a nonprofit or educational institution, then you can probably get free unlimited service. See our free address verification page for more information.

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