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3785 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV 89109-4333

Lat/Lon: 36.10357, -115.17295
  • Address format standardized
  • Corrected ZIP code
  • Fixed city/state spelling
  • Missing secondary number
  • Address component was changed
  • Fixed street spelling
  • ZIP+4 matched
  • Confirmed without secondary
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Verify anywhere

On your website. Make sure your addresses are valid before storing them in your database or using them on a map, especially when your business depends on it. With each request, obtain important metadata such as geocoding, DPV™ results, and other analysis information.

In your mobile app. Join the prominent app developers who use LiveAddress in their mobile applications to confirm vital information and completeness of users' addresses right inline with their app.

With a program or custom system. Integrate LiveAddress easily into nearly any platform or program which can access the Internet: Microsoft® Office™, SalesForce™, and even embedded systems are just a few examples.

High performance

< 100ms response time. Minus external latency, LiveAddress API responds with its payload in less than 1/10 of a second, meaning you won't notice any interruptions, even if your requests are synchronous. Each request supports up to 100 addresses.

Geo-distributed. LiveAddress comes to you from three reliable, fully-redundant US data centers located in Phoenix, Dallas, and Ashburn, VA. These load-balanced servers are operated by separate network providers to ensure speed and availability.

Easy REST endpoint

REST endpoint. Performing requests into a REST location is super-simple in pretty much every language. All it takes is a standard GET or POST request to a certain URL and a response will be issued.

JSON or XML. JSON is a lightweight, high-performing data format that is easy to use anywhere. Javascript, PHP, Python, Objective-C, and others all natively support JSON serialization, and JSON is the new standard for REST API calls. XML is also supported from the same endpoint.

LiveAddress API is widely accessible from any language, app, or platform.

[ { "input_index": 0, "candidate_index": 0, "delivery_line_1": "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy", "last_line": "Mountain View CA 94043-1351", "delivery_point_barcode": "940431351000", "components": { "primary_number": "1600", "street_name": "Amphitheatre", "street_suffix": "Pkwy", "city_name": "Mountain View", "state_abbreviation": "CA", "zipcode": "94043", "plus4_code": "1351", "delivery_point": "00", "delivery_point_check_digit": "0" }, "metadata": { "record_type": "S", "county_fips": "06085", "county_name": "Santa Clara", "carrier_route": "C058", "congressional_district": "14", "rdi": "Commercial", "latitude": 37.41908, "longitude": -122.07764, "precision": "Zip7" }, "analysis": { "dpv_match_code": "Y", "dpv_footnotes": "AABB", "dpv_cmra": "N", "dpv_vacant": "N", "active": "Y", "ews_match": false, "footnotes": "N#" } } ]