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Verify a list of addresses

Use LiveAddress for Lists from within your web browser to process and validate Excel spreadsheets, CSV, or tab-delimited files that contain address data. We'll have the results back to you super-fast.

Looking instead to verify addresses at point of entry? Look into LiveAddress API.


CASS™ Certification

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) is a certification process from the United States Postal Service that evaluates the quality of address-matching software. LiveAddress is CASS-Certified™ by the USPS. This means that it has passed the rigorous testing standards set for address-matching and verification software.

Our LiveAddress for Lists service will standardize addresses according to the USPS standards, verify deliverability, and then assign the verified ZIP+4 Codes.

With Delivery Point Validation (DPV™), our system compares the addresses in your address list with an official database of deliverable addresses from the USPS, and then indicates whether each address can actually receive mail. It also can be used to indicate and screen private mail box addresses from your list.

Processing your address list with our LiveAddress for Lists service may make you eligible for postage discounts from the United States Postal Service. In order to qualify for these discounts, you may also need to prepare your mailing by designing the mail piece correctly and sorting it according to USPS standards. The CASS™ Summary Report Form, PS Form 3553, is required for mailings when claiming automation rates.

To help you compare original data with the results, our service appends the standardized and official data to your address list (we don't delete or overwrite anything).

A note about PS Form 3553: The file you download when your list is finished contains the CASS™ Summary Report Form, or PS Form 3553 (or you may download it separately). You will need to provide this form with mailings for which you would like to receive the automation discount. Your address lists' CASS™ Certification is valid for 90 days from the day the lists are certified.