How can I parse and verify freeform addresses?



Last Updated: March 15, 2013

I receive addresses in a single-line, or freeform, format; they're not split into pieces like most forms where street line 1, city, state, and ZIP code are entered separately. I need to parse the address into components and then verify the data. How can I componentize the address?


Recent upgrades to LiveAddress API bring freeform address processing to the table. To parse and verify a freeform address, submit the entire address into the street field. You may also submit the first line and last line of the address in the street and lastline input fields.

LiveAddress API will only return valid and official data as usual, and the results will look exactly like the results of any other regular query to the API. You will probably be most interested in the components field which has the address split into granular pieces: primary number, street name, street suffix, unit designator, secondary number, and more.

Currently, this feature is only available with the API and not for the Lists service because it is somewhat experimental. There are a few edge cases we have yet to look at, and we urge you to consider the following (these things are actually very important to know):

We may offer this functionality in the Lists service later on. The customer would explicitly agree to enable this for a particular list with the understanding that results will be more aggressive and not CASS-Certified™ (no CASS™ Summary Report Form).