How do I print envelopes with barcodes in Microsoft Word 2007 or LibreOffice?



Last Updated: March 15, 2013

I need to send out a mailing, and I need the DPV™ Barcode to get the automation-rate discount. I've processed my list through your list service... but now what? How do I print the addresses on envelopes with barcodes?


As a courtesy, here's a brief tutorial for printing barcodes in Microsoft Word 2007. The same process is used in LibreOffice and OpenOffice, so these instructions may still apply.

  1. First, install the free POSTNET font. Make sure you install the POSTNET barcode font before opening Word. This font renders the barcode lines.

    Download POSTNET.ttf

  2. Open Microsoft Word 2007. Click the Mailings tab, then Start Mail Merge. From the list, select Envelopes. Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 1

  3. Choose your envelope size from the drop-down menu. Size 10 is the standard envelope size in the US. Then click OK. Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 2

  4. Now your document looks like an envelope. We need to tell Word where to get the list of recipients. Click Select RecipientsUse Existing List. Browse for and select the file (ideally, the simple_mailable file we returned with your results) which contains your verified addresses. Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 3

  5. Word will then ask you about the type of file you chose. It might be an Excel spreadsheet or CSV or other type of delimited file.
    • In the case of a spreadsheet, you'll see a box like this... just choose which sheet contains your addresses: Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 4

      Make sure that checkbox, "First row of data contains column headers" is checked!

    • If it's a different type of file, you might see a screen like this... usually you can just press the OK button: Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 5

  6. Cool, we're almost there. Now we just have to populate our envelope template with address data! Click anywhere on the bottom half of the envelope. A box outlined by a dotted blue line should appear with the cursor blinking inside it. At the top, click the down arrow for Insert Merge Field. A list of column headers appears: Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 6

    For envelopes, you'll want these fields, in this order:
    • FirmName
    • DeliveryLine1
    • City
    • State
    • FullZIPCode
    • DeliveryPointBarcode
  7. One-by-one, add these fields to your template. Notice how they appear, surrounded by « and » characters. They're just placeholders, so don't worry. Format your template like this, all the way until the barcode: Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 7

    Notice the comma after «City» and the extra line before the barcode.

  8. Highlight the «DeliveryPointBarcode» field and change its font to "USPS Bar Code." Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 8

    It will look wierd for now, but that's okay. The font only renders numbers and forward-slash.

  9. Now you can preview the results! In the toolbar, click Preview Results. Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 9

  10. You should then see your addresses appear on an envelope: Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 10

  11. Don't forget a sender address! If your envelopes aren't self-addressed, click in the top-left corner of the envelope and fill out the return address. Then when you're ready to print, click Finish & MergePrint Documents. Printing barcodes from MS Word 2007 - Step 11

This should get you started with the basics. Make sure to customize these steps for anything unique to your particular workflow or organization.