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  • Is the primary number correct?
  • Make sure the city/state and ZIP code don't conflict.
  • The address should be free of major typos/misspellings.
  • Make sure the address is basically formatted properly.
  • If the address isn't all there, try making it more complete.

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Matching City Names

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Matching ZIP Codes

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Lookup performed using our ZIP Code API endpoint, which only does city/state/zip lookups.
Use of this service requires a subscription to LiveAddress API.

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You can upload and process address lists in your browser or by using our API.

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DEMO LIMITATIONS: This demo only shows a few result columns and is limited to a certain number of addresses. You may sign up for a free account to upload an entire list and download all the results instantly. Lists finish in a matter of seconds or minutes.

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DEMO LIMITATIONS: LiveAddress extraction API can find and validate addresses in large, arbitrary text input. This demo is limited to short input and shows only a few results. Purchase LiveAddress API to get all the API output and all available features.

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USPS address validation API and list service

Verify and standardize postal addresses

Address verification is our passion. It's what we do. We'll take care of your addresses to help you take care of your customers.

Address validation for files and lists

Clean up your address list

  • Just upload your Excel or CSV file
  • No software to install
  • No minimum price
  • Find and remove duplicates

Verify addresses on website forms

Now it's faster and easier than ever to verify addresses on your website. Help your customers provide valid address data by verifying it in real-time with our API. Display multiple matches if the address is ambiguous, and alert them when the address is invalid. Your shipments will be cheaper and arrive faster, and your customers will be satisfied knowing that their addresses were submitted correctly the first time.

Batteries not included. Some assembly required.

What is address verification?

Address verification, or address validation, is used to determine the deliverability of a specific address. During the address verification process, addresses are cleaned and standardized according to USPS guidelines. Spelling mistakes are corrected, and the standard 5-digit ZIP Code is expanded to the more precise ZIP+4 Code. This process can be used to qualify for discounts on bulk mailings and to ensure timely delivery of e-commerce shipments.

Blazing fast speeds

Buckle up, because we're fast. The engine that powers our address verification service is so fast that you can have the results back to you immediately. We can process over 100,000 addresses per second! Lists containing tens of thousands of addresses will be finished in a minute or two, and lookups to our API will receive a response in less than 100ms. Try it for yourself! In most cases, your addresses will be ready before you are.

Awesome pricing

Enjoy no minimum purchases or binding contracts. Our prices are the most affordable in the industry, from just a few addresses to millions — and beyond, with our Unlimited plans. Sign up for free and get 250 free API lookups every month, and preview any of your lists for no charge. We also grant free address verification to qualifying nonprofits and business startups.

Get mailing discounts

Address verification must be performed for every letter or parcel handled by the US Postal Service. To save them time and money, the USPS licenses vendors like SmartyStreets to verify addresses before you send out your mailing. Just run your address list through LiveAddress for Lists, our CASS-Certified list service. You'll get the CASS™ Summary Report (PS 3553) that you need to take to the post office with your mailing to receive automation rate discounts.

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